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 Common procedures for Agents - differentiated products for Insurers

  CONET is an on-demand business service that uses the web to streamline communication between insurance companies and their salesforce by empowering salespeople with:

  Our mission is to make insurance policy acquisition simpler, faster and error-free. Cost of the service has been kept purposely low so that any insurance company can afford to use it with any one of its agents, even those who produce very little business.

  The service is used daily in Greece by more than 17.000 professionals within the Greek insurance market. CONET users produced more than 1,600,000 quotations online in the last twelve months, while successful proposals submitted through CONET generated over €40,000,000 in gross premium income for our insurance company clients.


  Software-as-a-service, also known as Software on-demand allows your company to optimize IT costs by outsourcing selected business processes to outside specialists.

  It allows you to focus your already stretched IT resources by eliminating duplication of effort. An outside service such as CONET specializes in a particular limited field of applications and can thus offer it to clients at dramtically reduced cost.

  The low cost and ubiquity of internet connectivity nowdays solves all interconnection problems. Software-as-a-service means you no longer have to host and support applications internally. Your IT staff is freed-up to do more productive tasks.

  On-demand software is usually paid-as-you-go in the form of a subscription, or based on use. So you pay for as much as you consume and not more. In our case, clients pay a monthly fee, as long as the service exists and a fee per proposal accepted, turning IT into a variable rather than a fixed cost.

  And you can be sure CONET will satisfy your needs because we ask for no up-front payment. Payments are only due once you have fully tested and started using the service. This eliminates risk in IT projects!
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